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Nickelodeon Israel's daily drama hit was acquired by Netflix. Nutz Productions, Ananey’s subsidiary company, produced the global version.  This is the first time an original Israeli series has been sold to the popular SVOD platform for a remake production. The Greenhouse is a three-time winner of the Israeli Academy Awards for the best Kids' & Youth drama (2013, 2014, 2016)

After losing their mother in a spaceship crash, a brother and sister arrive at an elite boarding school for gifted future leaders: The Greenhouse. They join two competing houses within the school. Soon, mysterious developments draw the rival houses into a secret investigation where they expose a destructive plot. Only by joining forces can they save the country from a disaster.

The first season of The Greenhouse broke all viewership records on Israeli satellite TV, with a second and third season green-lighted almost immediately after its debut. The show was accompanied by a groundbreaking marketing strategy, including a unique smartphone app, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns.

Genre: Live Action Drama

Created by: Giora Chamizer

Produced by: Nutz Productions

Duration:  175 x 22'

Seasons:  3


Network:  Nickelodeon   

Channel Info: YES  91

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